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I’d like to say thank you very much to everyone who I’ve been lucky enough to meet and help throughout my career!

~ Kevin J. Overstreet: President

Insured Title Agency

Located in Tampa, FL, Insured Title Agency (ITA) is an independent title agency providing full title and closing services in 47 states.

Founded in April of 2006, ITA has been built on the principles of family. We are family owned and operated. We weathered the recent “Mortgage Crisis” when most of our competitors either closed their doors or were forced to make ownership changes in order to remain in business. We have been able to thrive in a challenging market due to our quality of work. We enjoy wonderful working relationships with two of the largest and highest rated title insurance underwriters, Stewart Title and Fidelity National Title Insurance. ITA has been underwritten by both of these companies since our inception in 2006, and we currently have $0 in total losses due to title claims.

Why choose ITA? When deciding which title company to use for your next real estate transaction, there are a few things to consider:

Underwriters. ITA is underwritten by two of the largest and most sought-after underwriters, Stewart Title and Fidelity National Title. Choosing ITA means that should a title claim arise, your policy is backed by a company that can actually cover the loss. The policy that insures your homeownership is an important one, so consider the source.

Ownership. ITA is solely owned by Kevin Overstreet. Kevin began his career in the title insurance industry in St Louis, MO in 1998, and opened his first title company in 2003. No other person or entity has an ownership interest in ITA. We compete for every deal, which means every client who chooses ITA does so because of our excellent service rather than being “steered” our direction. We’re absolutely confident that our clients see the difference every time they work with us.

Fidelity National Title Group Affiliation
Greater Association of Tampa Realtors Affiliation
Stewart Title Affiliation
American Land Title Assoc.
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